atx // my book that may not be

book cover atx michael lindaburyphotography book cover front ATX michael lindabury

i was hoping today would be a joyous day…the day i announce that my book is out…i’ve been working on this book for about a year. hardcover, 72 pages, 8.25 wide x 10.75 tall. all full spreads of my favorite photos taken in and around austin, texas during 2013. nature, landscapes, and around the south congress area… the best of what you may have seen on my site.  this is my austin and i want to share with it with you. there’s plenty of austin to go around for everyone.

but sadly i got a version of it from the printer and to say i’m a bit disappointed with the results, well that wouldn’t even come close. I used a printing company that shall remain nameless but that i have used before in the past with excellent results. This time however as i opened the package that i had been eagerly awaiting for, like a kid waiting for christmas morning…i literally let out a rather a sigh of oh…no…what is this? where has all my hard work gone?

the pages were unbelievably thin, see-through thin, all the blacks and greys were dull and muddy, the bleeds were way off and pages cut incorrectly with white spaces on some but not others, the gutter i had set was not even taken into account….ugh…i should mention i work as a graphic designer so i know all about proper document set up and used professional software (indesign) to layout this book. yes i know, i don’t use caps or proper punctuation…it’s my way of being less formal…relaxed if you will on my down time.

well, i’m putting this out there to hear from all of you…what have your experiences been with some printing companies? any recommendations for printing houses? self publishing or submissions to publishers? positive or negative….i know print is difficult these days with everything going digital, i researched all the options available out there.  but i’d love to hear from ya’ll.

i’d eventually like to get this printed at some point..but for now i’ll just concentrate on taking more photos…which is the most enjoyable aspect anyway.


people’s gallery exhibition at austin city hall

boredpictures peoples gallery michael lindabury austin texas

i got an email the other day and it said…

On behalf of the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, I am pleased to inform you that your artwork(s), listed below, has been selected for the 10th Anniversary 2014 People’s Gallery Exhibition at Austin City Hall.  The selection panelists reviewed all the submissions and recommended works for display in the available City Hall exhibition spaces.  These works are now being developed into a cohesive exhibition which will remain on view throughout the next year. Our call for entries yielded approximately 1,000 artwork entries from more than 240 applicants.  We congratulate you on being one of the artists selected from a competitive list of applicants.

i’m more than happy, i’m thrilled, i’m honored to have been chosen and to be able to participate. this will be my first gallery showing for my photographic works.

The opening reception for this year’s People’s Gallery Exhibition is scheduled to be held on Friday, February 28nd 2014,from 6:00 to 9:00pm

a very happy new year to each and everyone of ya’ll that visit my site and inspire me daily!