campsite view

boredpictures_camp_florida-port st joeboredpictures_camp_florida

the dune and ocean view are directly in front (left) of the campsite in the second image. very quite and felt like i had the park to myself. i hiked on the trails that cut through the dunes and it was breathtaking.


camping on the dunes


miles of white sand beaches, striking dune formations, a heavily forested interior, isolated 1750 acre wilderness preserve occupies the tip of the peninsula…makes for great camping.

these dunes are about 30 to 40 ft in height.



20130715-185003.jpgphoto 3photo 220130715-184815.jpg photo 5


random phone pics from our trip to miami..had the best time with my girlfriend in my hometown meeting family and friends. congratulations erin & dr. freddy. it was way too short.

jekyll island

occasionally i get out of my house. here are some older photos from my second trip to jekyll island, georgia.

it’s beautiful in the sense that it’s still pretty much untouched and not too touristy. lots of nature and plenty of places to get lost hiking/biking. you might very well be the only one on the beach if you go at the right time.