standing tall


if only i had time to go inside…luckily there are plenty of people who have taken amazing photos of this building in it’s current state.

11:30 a.m. jan. 5, 1988, train no. 353 bound for chicago became the last train to roll out of the depot. it was just over 74 years after the first steamed in.



  1. the amount of abandoned architecture crumbling in Detroit as portrayed online and in recent news articles seems unreal. I read that visiting photogs can sign up with the Urbex folks for a guided wasteland-scape tour, some climbing required ;). On my travel bucket list. Thx for the image. I wonder if the rumored-for-years renovation will ever gain real momentum; we can hope….

    • yes it quick vast and happening quickly, i can imagine a tour but really all you need to do is hop in your car so many areas are affected. it’s shame because it really is a beautiful city.

  2. A place I need to visit before 1: It gets demolished or goes up in flames, 2: The city actually renovates it and changes the atmosphere completely (which is fine, as it’s a wonderful old building and should be saved). A really cool place to explore, I’m sure.

    • i think i’ve read that they are planning to refurbish it for reuse of some kind…i guess its getting lots of attention and it is on the national register of historic places. hopefully you will get a chance to see it

  3. When we were there in October they were doing work inside, or setting up to shoot a film. Since the Transformers movies have used it at least twice now they’ve installed a lot more fencing and keep it pretty well locked up.

    That said, lovely shot there! Did you get to visit Packard while you were in town?

    • that’s actually good to hear hopefully it will keep the scrappers out…sadly no i didn’t get a chance to see the packard plant but have seen some amazing photos on your site and others, i even saw a documentary about a man who has been living there legally for 7 years named allan hill. i’ll be back in detroit in a few months and hopefully get to do some more exploring…when i took that photo of mcs i was actually on my way to slows for some bbq

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