woodward ave cathedral

boredpictures-cathedral of the most blessed sacrament detroit michigan

detroit, michigan. cathedral of the most blessed sacrament built 1915. The cathedral was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982


    • i admit, i did try to make it as such…but it’s quite a beautiful building and it’s not abandoned and still in use. that’s a bonus for detroit…so many beautiful historical homes falling to ruin in DTW..such a shame

      • thanks, my sis lives in detroit and its really a great place despite all the flack it gets…so much history…i have a feeling it will make a comeback and hopefully save more buildings like this one, but yes some areas are just horrible almost 3rd world…. get on google maps and you can just see blocks of empty or burnt out neighborhoods….thanks so much for your comment…greatly appreciated

  1. I have passed by this wonderful structure many a time on bike when I lived in the D. A great building indeed! thanks for walking me down memory lane

      • there really are alot of great things happening there! I do wish the press would cover more of them. Cheers ex-Detroiter. We are stronger for having lived there! Ha!

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