more of the same


its a long list of excuses, been so busy with work and the weather is cold…we actually had a light snow here in austin last night..needless to say i haven’t shot anything new lately. i’ve just been tending the fire…so here is another shot of whatever that flower is called



  1. You are excused – this is coming from someone who is in the midst of the deep freeze here in the north east. It is so cold that our diesel generator needs to be run for two hours a day otherwise it won’t start if we lose power here at work. So, more flower please ‘:-)

    • i know i shouldn’t complain, ya’ll up there are getting it much worse…and more steadily…i remember living in new york how cold “cold” can get!! so my thoughts go out to you and keeping that generator prepared! it’s the ice and light snow here….texans just aren’t prepared for it..if i remember correctly 275+ car accidents yesterday alone…luckily no fatalities…i choose to stay indoors with a fire and robe on all day

    • thank you, i’m going to try experimenting some more on some everyday things around the house since the weather is just a little too cold for outside shooting

  2. Great shot…love B&W whatever the flower is:) I’m shutting up about the weather…I’m in Phoenix, but it is unusual for Austin to get snow, right?
    My wife and I were there last spring house hunting and ended up settling on Phoenix…Austin is one cool city!!

    • thank you so much, yes its very rare from what i hear…matter of fact it was in the 70’s the day before it snowed…low of 28 yesterday and today i went for a bike ride in shorts and a t-shirt…monday its supposed to get back to below freezing….very strange weather all around the while country right now i suppose….phoenix is a beautiful place to live i have family there..

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