boredpictures tree austin texas

the bearer of allergies




    • i grew up in miami florida, so all i knew was banyan and palm trees…i never had allergies until i came to texas hill country so i know how your friend feels…its the worst. but thank you and glad you like the photo

      • two words…zyrtec & benadryl…these are my best friends around this time of year…even with a little cedar fever i love the beauty of the texas hill country. ( as long as i’m medicated this time of year)

  1. In California I lived with a HUGE cedar Deodara overhanging my driveway from my neighbour. Whenever it pollinated, every year, every little and big thing all around, became thickly covered with yellow pollen – but fortunately I do not suffer from allergies so it did not bother me in that manner. It was just a huge repeated job to sweep it all up and away. It was a magnificent tree as trees go.

      • That’s how I feel about my Helios 44-2 (film). My 50 MM (1.8 II)/ Nifty Fifty is definitely one of my favourite lenses ever. It’s still a great lens in AF/ auto focus, but shooting with the 50 MM in only manual opens up a whole new world. Which do you prefer? AF or manual? (I’m manual only- 24/7)

      • mostly manual because the auto focus is not always fast enough, or focusing on what i want it to….it seems like i can fine tune images the way i want with the manual focus…and i always shoot in AV mode… gives me so many more options.

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