hammer halloween bonus


i’m a sucker for the old horror films…and Hammer made some of the best. this is one of my favorites The Devil Rides Out (1968) with Christoper Lee ( some of you young wipper snappers may recognize him better from star wars and lord of the rings) i saw this years ago and never knew its name…i was lucky enough to catch it again on TCM Tuner Classic Movies the best television station in the world. all these stills are from the movie.

i’m looking forward to sitting back with my darlin’ tonight and watching the shining. enjoy and happy halloween.



  1. Hammer does have a certain look – you KNOW when you are watching a Hammer Horror film – My studio pick for tonight is the Val Lewton series – another fav of Robert Osborne and TCM.

  2. Did you photograph your television screen? Have you ever seen Lee Friedlander’s photos of television screens in hotel rooms? There is a book titled “The Little Screens.” You might like it.

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