GA to D

here’s some hot chocolate and marshmallows for you. hold on let me get you a blanket and a pillow…….the remote? ummm…yeah hold up…but let me tell you a story first.

so i made it to detroit…this is my…what? 3rd time driving….. and i love it…

don’t get get me wrong i love to fly..taking off, landing, the turbulence…oh how i love the turbulence..when the plane drops and everyone goes “aaaaahhhhhh—ohhh” in unison….  looking out the window and taking pic’s of rivers/clouds/ufos……

these days it just sucks to fly……it’s so much easier to drive, no lines to wait in. no being there an hour early to wait around…take my shoes off? belt too? go into what radioactive machine? it’s gonna blow air where?  ahhh no thank you….

plus i can take all the stuff i want with me…skateboard? check…brass knuckles? check…bike? check…extra suitcase of clothes? check…4 pairs of shoes i’ll never wear? check..overflowing bag of snacks and chocolate? check…gallons of tea tree oil shampoo/lotions? oh yes indeed…

tennessee you’re a beautiful state, southern kentucky ditto for you…heck even cincinnati with your old buildings looks cool to explore….northern ohio you had the best foliage color changes of all…reds and oranges galore…

hell is hot or so i’m told from all the signs i saw nailed on trees in tennessee. why are there so many porno shops the size of walmarts dotted along the highway? and why are the parking lots so packed? did anyone not tell these people about the internet? all those birds flying at your window…yeah they are just leafs. billboards… i hate them.  somebody in ohio tell me what fricker’s is and what they serve. fried chicken? is it fried chicken? i bet it is…smelled good when i stopped to get gas…

after 14 hours i get delusional and very  grumpy….. but its so worth it to see my sister and her family…you have no idea


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