because i was there

today i deviate from the normal posts. before i had the good fortune to live here in dublin, ga i lived in NYC for several years. i was there in the city that morning. I was just getting out of the subway minutes after the first plane hit. i saw the second plane hit with my own eyes.

it’s one thing to see disasters unfold on the news and in movies…it’s unimaginable and very surreal thing to be right in the middle of it, running away with crowds of other people,  seeing a look of fear in every single persons face around you. i saw things that day i wish i never did, but i also saw people come together with a sense of community and helping others in ways i’ve never experienced since. take some time today to be thankful for what you have and for those around you.

these are a few pictures i took from that day and days after.



  1. I appreciate you reading my post. Thank you for helping us to remember with your meaningful words and pictures here. May you continue to heal.

  2. It must have been horrendous to be there… I think it’s turning into an ‘everyone remembering where they were and what they were doing’ on that day – like the Kennedy assassination was. I was here in the UK but was at work for an American firm at the time alongside my US colleagues who’d been drafted over for a year or so to set up the firm. It was truly awful working with people who were having to ring home urgently to see if they were affected – some of them were too. Very horrific and sad day!

    • thank you for your comment, and yes i believe everyone will remember where they were “that day” it’s definitely something i will always vividly remember

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